Dianna DonFrancisco

Dianna DonFrancisco has been a resident of South Florida for most of her life.  Always involved in the arts, she graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.  She has applied her education throughout her life by being involved in arts programs in schools, mural painting in homes and churches and graphic design for businesses. 

An advocate of environmental preservation, with special interest in the Fresh Water Spring System of Florida, Dianna seeks to illustrate her passion for our pristine landscape. Awareness of our superior resources is the first step to preservation. Her mission is to present the unique beauty of Florida in its many personalities.

Now Dianna is breaking into the world of illustration by illustrating various children’s stories. Although as yet unpublished, Mrs. DonFrancisco has attended two SCBWI workshops and is in hot pursuit of publication!

Dianna is a board member with the Boca Raton Museum of Art, Artist Guild.  She is Assistant Gallery Director and an exhibiting Signature member. In October, Mrs. DonFrancisco will exhibit with “Women in the Visual Arts”.

Dianna DonFrancisco is an award winning member of the Palm Beach Watercolor Society, member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and Palm Beach Cultural Council.

Visit her website at: [email protected]