Greg Neri

Greg Neri is a writer-illustrator living in Tampa with his sociologist wife and 3 year old daughter. He was an Academy Award finalist for his Chick Corea animated collaboration A Picasso on the Beach, which aired for many years on Bravo, HBO and Showtime. He is the writer-director of a feature film A Weekend with Barbara and Ingrid released by Angelika Films in NY. Greg also created the popular Disney D-Toys Melvin, Barfy the Dog and Spitwad. He then spent two years creating the definitive interactive history of Disney's standard characters (Mickey, Donald and pals) which is now used as the bible for creating works using these characters. His books include Hooray for Teeth (Scholastic) and the forthcoming Socks Can Be Mittens and Underwear Can Be Hats.
E-Mail: [email protected].