Michael Richard Craig

Mike Richard Craig was born in Gulfport, MS, and has been drawing faces since early childhood. Beginning in the first grade his papers were filled with doodles of silly faces, both of animals and people. Although he still "doodles" he has completed several thousand original, creative faces. "I draw faces, faces are what I draw. It may be silly, but it's what I love to do!"

His love of the colorful, silly and fun can be seen in all his images, whether on posters, prints, in books or on a variety of merchandise. His 12 delightful books use his silly faces to help in counting and learning the ABC's as well as appreciating the joy of coloring. His faces are indeed silly and each possesses its own unique individuality. His prints and posters are perfect for display in rooms throughout the house, in hospitals, doctors' offices, restaurants and just about any other place you can imagine that could use a gentle touch of bright humor and silliness!

Mike has a BA in Christian Education from Belhaven College, Jackson, MS, an MDiv. from Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, MS, and is currently a doctoral candidate at Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, FL. He has served for 20 years as a Chaplain in the US Navy. He is a board-certified member of the Association of Professional Chaplains and ordained in the Presbyterian Church in America. In addition, he is a Third Degree Black Belt in Shorin-Ryu Karate. Mike is married and has two sons.Thank you for visiting our site and hopefully you will see the simple fun in his art and purchase some for yourself and for those who
bring a smile into your life.

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